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Server Time28 Feb 2017, 03:52
How to join in the community ?
Please register an account for you through this link
Can i have more than one account ?
You can have as many account as you want, but 1 email address only valid for 1 account.
Where is this comunnity base come from ?
We don't have a specific base, because MMM-Universal are members itself, we are united in a community.
Who runs this project from the background ?
Unfortunately, we can't tell, this such programs is a ilegal in some countries. And we don't want to make any trouble by revealing ourself. Please be cooperate because we all running this programs together with members
How much can i earn if i do provide help ?
You will earn 15% daily from your 'provide help' for full 10 days, also a bonus 5% when you complete the payment.
Can i refer someone and get commissions ?
Yes you can, please login to your account and check your referrals menu, there you will find your referral link, if someone registering an account with your referral link. you will get commission from their provide help.
How much can i earn from referral commissions ?
Our programs use 3 levels referral structure. First level you will earn 10%, second level you earn 3%, and third level you earn 1%.
What is minimum to do provide help ?
The minimum provide help is only $10. You always can start with small amount first.
What is minimum to do get help ?
The minimum get help is only $5.
I do a provide help, but its status is waiting dispatcher, what is that ?
All provide help and get help request at first will be on queue for dipatcher, or you can say our system do the macthing process. System reconcile between provide help request and get help request, when match found. you will see an order box there. The detail of instruction will be there for you, just follow it and its done.
How if i dont sent my payment until timeout reached ?
Your account will be blocked, and nothings gonna change that status from your account.
How if i dont receive my fund from sender until timeout reached ?
Don't worry, our system use automatic payment confirmation. We can detect before the timeout reached and you will get your money directly from others member in no time.
What payment processor is supported ?
We only use bitcoin as a single payment processor in our community.