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29 Dec 2016
Important News !
If you have been getting match and see the transfer order and see nominal Bitcoin (BTC) to be sent.?
then the nominal Bitcoin to be sent must be the same !!!
if less or more ???
the status will not be confirmed or incomplete.
then you have to do is to pay off a number of Bitcoin has to be sent in accordance with instructions prior to the time the countdown ends.
if you break the command transfer, then the system will automatically block your account.
please be understood and researched before PH.
blocked account is not our fault, and it was beyond our control.
because you do not obey our rules.



29 Dec 2016
Address the issue of matching empty ???
we are currently working as quickly as possible.
you do not need to worry about it.
the account will not be blocked, and we will replace a new request.

24 Dec 2016
MMM-Universal Community Has Started !
We very proud to present people all over the world to see and feel our programs. In this 24 Dec 2016, we lauch our programs with confident and respect to every one of you who read this newsletter. Feel our programs, participate, refer friends we can do a lot if we stay together as a strong and long-lasting community like we plan. Our community creates a change, where people are no longer reluctant to give help, because with us , all equally in profitable. If you care you give back, like our programs, we care we give back !